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Born in Damasco, Syria on 1938, when she is only five in the winter on 1943, escapes from anti-Semitic persecution together many young Jews going ashore at Palestinia. The little child Masal lives with terrifying anguishes the division from her mum stayed in Syria and that from older sister, after the arrival at Kibbutz in Israele. But the memory of the last words "Save her!" mentioned by her mum while she gave her in the sister arms, keeps her anchoring to the reality and allows her to survival.
Masal grows up in the Kibbutz, experiments with social and educational systems much free and advanced. Her personal history makes her particularly able to come in emphatic way with the people with emotional disorders and aboveall with the children. Her psychoanalytic approuch is creative and direct and this allows her "to feel" the moods, the fears, the feelings of her patients, before still reaching the real "diagnosis". The true secret of Masal success is her internal energy; her books, always very actual, fruit of a lot of years of hard job on hundred and again hundred of adults and children, her psychotherapeutical sessions, her interventention, her interviews, all of these let gleam a very big living energy and from it - as Masal tells - "everybody can draw when they come for asking me help".
  From here rises the tenaciousness of Masal in researching continuosly occasion to spread her experiences, through tv, debates, meetings at University, books, all experiences built in several years of job "on this specific field". The best testimony of psycotherapeutical capacities of Masal are innumerable families that took the opportunity to go in touch with her and they made to help in solving their problem from her.
  "I want to put myself in serving other people so that they could use my experience. I am not tiring to inform and help who ask me: parents, educationists, medical doctors and psycologists. I always try to make understand how the children think, what they feel and which intervententions we can use for helping them in growing up and becoming strong adults. For being well it is important to be conscious about own thoughts, wishes, feelings that place us in relantionship with the others. My old anguishes, fastened to the precocious separation from my family, were usefull to make me understand the pains of the others. I kept inside me a hope and a vitality so big that, besides make me survival, afterside taught me to live the life fully. I think that to work in othrs pains is "my fate"...   

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